Saturday, 28 January 2017

Late nights

So I'm sitting here at 11pm at night wondering what to do, I've had enough of tv, cleaned about as much as i could handle and after a few minutes in front of my laptop have found myself here after 7months or so since my last blog entry.
Its quite bizarre reading my older entries from my past self, I feel I have forgotten some of my own advice and think i need to remember that more often.
So what has been happening since my last entry! Well business ventures have been keeping me busy not only have I continued with my usual 40+ hour work week i have taken up a new venture and a new love for cooking - Thermomix - I won't go into much about the business side, this is something i have done to get out of my bubble, take myself out of my comfort zone which I believe everyone needs to be aware of. You know when you get that feeling its all falling in to place and you become comfortable you aren't moving any where? Thats it time to do something different - that doesn't mean change your whole career or move to a different country (unless of course thats your calling) even if its going on a hike you have been thinking about for ages, catching up with friends you don't see, get out do something, its good for your soul. Anyway off topic, where was I? Ah, yes Thermomix, while quite a large expense at first I can see and am enjoying so many benefits of owning one.
1. Cheaper grocery bill - I am no longer buying things I can make from other grocery items eg I only buy raw sugar and mill that to make icing sugar etc. I use almonds when almond meal is in a recipe, I plan to make my own rice milk. We have been enjoying more homemade snacks - muesli bars, apricot balls, banana cake, arancini balls and lots of bread.
2. Convenience - I am now making porridge of a morning while continuing to get ready (no more burnt pot bottoms or overflows in the microwave and it tastes just like mum makes (if not better... sorry mum).
3. Support - there is a whole community out there where you can ask questions, share recipes and ideas.
Now i know there are a few of you out there that are against Thermomix, some people don't even know about it, then there is me and everyone else enjoying all the many perks and benefits. Im not trying to sell anyone a thermomix (they sell themselves) I just feel bad for those who aren't enjoying it like i am :) But moral of this story its helping me to work towards my goal of a simple life.

Moving on.... Other things that have happened, we now have 7 fur babies. I rescued a gorgeous chatty little kitty from a pet barn enclosure just before christmas - she is fitting in great with our 2 boys and its nice to have a girl in the house.

My husband has been off work for almost 3 months now due to health reasons, we have never been under financial struggle together before, its nothing compared to some but the thought of losing possessions because the funds aren't there is scary, all the more reason this simple life thing is something to work towards so in future we aren't face with these issues when an income is lost.
On another note it sucks working and still being the one who does most of the cleaning :( this is something most married couples whinge about I'm sure... do you have one person in your household who does most the cleaning? If it isn't you, what are you doing to contribute to the household instead?

Woah a lot of writing tonight :) I almost feel like I have had a vent to a friend and its off my shoulders now. Hopefully I don't leave it to long until the next post. I plan on planning my week every sunday night, this is new so bare with me.
Good night for tonight

ps I still have a notebook obsession!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

First week

This week has been a very convenience week and I'm ok with that.
 I have sprained my ankle and also just found out I've had glandular fever so needless to say every spare minute when I'm not working i have been putting my feet up and resting! I've still managed to keep on top of the necessities like laundry etc..
I think sometimes our bodies are trying to tell us we are working to hard but i say they shut up and let me get on with my day! No time to be sick and I actually feel fine except for the extra exhaustion i am getting from simple tasks so really i have to just have more rests and definitely no exercise (YAY! what better excuse?)
But this weekend i must get organised and get a food plan and prepare some lunches otherwise i will be spending a fortune for the next 4 weeks on convenience food to eat during the day!

anyway this is just a short and sweet post before bed.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

First Post

So here goes.....
I have always enjoyed writing, mostly in my journal (when i find the time) but these days due to work i am finding writing with a pen gets quite difficult and painful sometimes, they say if you don't use it you lose it.. Maybe thats what did it... all this technology today and we don't write things on paper the old fashioned way as much, I'm sure its more work related in my case... Any way this year i have dedicated some time myself with the help of my brother to become paperless so its also time to give up that notebook fetish and write things in this blog instead of on paper, between you and me i'll still work on filling those pages with more private entries and keep my sharing to this blog.

So more about me and what i intend to write about... I really want to start living simply, now that doesn't mean i can completely, by far I'm almost at the other end of the scale, yes i recycle when can, have a few herbs and plants growing (just) i make my own soap, barely cook much food, convenience sometimes just takes over when you have a busy life like mine (and I'm sure many others). A lot of blogs i read the authors are retired or stay at home mums (which doesn't mean they aren't busy, they are probably busier than me!) they get to spend a lot more time on creating the life they want, a lot of the time they have husbands that are also interested in the same things and support the simple life!
I read these blogs and attempt to live this way and think why can't i have the time to do that and i have had this realisation that its not me, I'm not doing anything wrong i just need to start smaller and work towards the end goal...
Being very career focused i work 40hours + a week on and in my business and trying to fit jam & soap around that is near impossible but you know what i still manage it on occasion so thats a pretty good effort i think!
There is certainly one big difference between the weeks i feel more accomplished than the ones i don't and that is the good old saying "Fail to prepare & Prepare to fail".

Organising is not my strongest trait but i certainly notice it as a key element to leading a busy lifestyle. You can't work long hours and expect to be able to get anything done at home if you aren't organised prepared and set some time out because otherwise you will come home from that long day and put your feet up and just chill the F* out!!!  And sometimes it needs to be done and you need to accept that and move on with it the next day, just don't punish yourself, don't put that negative energy out there it will bring you down and you will be more likely to do the same the next day!! Just get back up on that horse and go again!
Anyway i have got off topic here! Living a simply Busy lifestyle and the various things i want to get into so that i can begin my journey to being self sufficient.